Company of General Works Electromechanical was created in 1996, with an experience of more than a quarter of a century, its strength comes from its Know-How in the field of the realization of Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Low Currents in Electrical Installations. Its technological mastery also cover Air conditioning and Fluids installations.


Electrical Equipment and Hardware Company, was created in 2003. It is a Company specialized in the retail sale of electrical items and general hardware.

etge tchad

Company of General Works of International Electro mechanics,after a strong growth in demand to our Products & Services by Exporting Companies in Tunisia, and as a consequence of the Notoriety of our Group which has gone beyond the borders of Tunisia, CHEBBY's Group has decided to launch a Totally Exporting Company in 2005, aims to offer a more suitable services to its Customers in the International Export markets.

chebbys consulting

Company of Studies,Consulting and Training in the Electromechanical field, was created in 2009.


African Company for the manufacture of electrical panels, in order to be in line with the evolution of demands of our Customers and to meet their Expectations in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery Conditions, CHEBBY's Group has launched its own electrical panel manufacturing company in 2012 .


Electrical and Electromecanical Products Distribution Company, was created in 2011. It is a Company specialized in the wholesale of Electrical, Heating & Air-conditioning items as well as Fluid items on the local market.


The latest Company launched within CHEBBY’s Group is SAIMEX: African Import Export Company, an International Trading Company created in 2016.