Whatever the nature of your Business: Industrial, Services, or others; and whatever your project stage: in Study Phase, in Renovation, in Resumption of Work, and in Maintenance or Optimization of existing Installations; our four Departments are at your entire disposal to provide you with our Know-How:

Department 1 : Electrical Works for industrials & Services Companies

Department N° 1 is at your disposal to ensure the best Installations of:

  • High Current
  • Low Current
  • Public Lighting
  • Elevators


Department N° 2 : Fluids & Air Conditioning Works for industrial & Services Companies

Department 2 is able to ensure the best Installations of:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation & Air Treatment
  • Sanitary Plumbing
  • Fire Detection
  • Pumping Stations


Department N° 3 : Energy Transport & Distribution

Our experts are able to take in charge the projects of:

  • Medium Voltage Overhead & Underground Networks
  • Villages Electrification
  • Medium Voltage Substations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Cogeneration Units
  • Electromechanical installation in Oil and Gas

Department N° 4 : Maintenance & After Sales Services

In order to make our solution as complete as possible, and to guarantee the serenity of our installations as long as possible, we insure all installations : Tertiary Installations, Transformation Stations, Generating Stations, etc.;

  • Maintenance Service
  • After Sales Service
  • Small Works