Our Group is built around many Moral, Societal, Ethical and Marketing Principles which constitute the guidelines allowing our employees to takeusually the right orientations , which are detailed as follows...

Satisfying our Customers:

  • Understanding their Expectations through an Active Listening and Responsiveness system
  • Demonstrating commercial Proactivity with our Customers
  • Aim for Quality in all our Processes, from the Expression of the Needs by our Customer to the Maintenance Contract, including Temporary & Final Reception, and this through Rigor in the Execution and Multiplication of Controls
  • Provisoires& Définitives, et ce, par la Rigueur dans l’Exécution et la Multiplication des Contrôles

Commitment with Integrity:

  • We Respect our Colleagues, our Products and our Services
  • We Respect our Partners, Customers, Suppliers and Communities
  • We Ensure Health and Safety at Work


  • Be updated with the latest Innovations through an Efficient Technological Watch System
  • Create an Optimal Solutions to the Problems encountered.


  • Involvingour Staff in all Stages of Projects and to keep them updated with Developments in Markets and Technologies through Continuous Training
  • Ensuring a Synergy between our employees and between the different Teams of the Companies of our Group
  • Integrating our Suppliers into our Expertise and the Continual Improvement Approach